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Bunions are the bony protrusions or bumps you may see on the outside of your big toe, and if you have them, you know how painful they can be. In most cases, they appear due to the ongoing pressure of standing and walking pushing the big toe toward the others, making the bone’s base shift out of place and protrude. When you get up or walk, all your body’s pressure falls on the bunion, causing pain that makes participating in everyday activities challenging. 

Individuals suffering from bunions often seek solutions for pain relief. Treatment options like lapiplasty can help alleviate the pain of this condition.

At Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, we offer lapiplasty services to help patients correct their bunions and find relief. Our lapiplasty doctors serve Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma, Centralia and Tumwater, Washington, and are prepared to work with you to provide an efficient and effective procedure so you can get back to your favorite activities.

What Is Lapiplasty?

Lapiplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for bunions. Rather than shaving or cutting the protruding bone, lapiplasty focuses on correcting the root cause of the bunion — the first metatarsal bone misalignment. Lapiplasty will help alleviate bunion pain and yield better quality of life with a relatively short recovery time.

How Does Lapiplasty Work?

Lapiplasty uses advanced instruments to provide a minimally invasive treatment method for bunions. The incisions made during the process are typically smaller than those used in other procedures, resulting in more minor surgical wounds during recovery.

When you come to one of our Washington offices for lapiplasty, your doctor will use surgical tools to push the metatarsal bone back into its original position for proper alignment. To maintain that position, your doctor will utilize titanium plates to permanently secure the bones. With this fixed solution, your bunions are much less likely to reappear, and your foot and big toe will regain their natural shape after the procedure.

Patients in recovery often experience minimal post-surgery pain because this method is less invasive than alternative treatments. Many lapiplasty patients can start walking and bearing weight on their treated foot once they receive a walking boot shortly into the recovery period.

When to See a Doctor for Lapiplasty

If your pain becomes unbearable and other bunion treatment methods have not been successful, consider seeing a lapiplasty doctor to discuss your care options. Lapiplasty is an excellent way to correct the primary cause of your pain and ensure the bunions don’t return.

Common reasons to see a lapiplasty doctor for your bunions include:

  • You have a limited range of motion in your big toe or foot.
  • You’re worried about the aesthetics of your foot.
  • You have swelling and redness around the bunion.
  • Your bunions cause you immense pain.
  • You begin experiencing other complications like hammertoe or arthritis.

Every individual’s symptoms will vary, so seek medical advice before deciding to undergo surgery.

Receive Expert Care From Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

Lapiplasty can help you enjoy your favorite activities again without pain. When you’re ready to treat your bunions, Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates’ lapiplasty doctors will provide you with quality care. 

Visit or contact one of our Washington locations to discuss lapiplasty or our other foot pain treatments. Reach out and call 360-754-3338 to schedule your appointment today. 

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