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We offer telemedicine appointments, also known as E-Visits or virtual visits, proving a convenient option for our patients to receive the quality care they deserve. We understand some may face challenges in getting the care
they need and we want to ensure we create a solution for any barrier you may face.

There are many areas of care that we can provide by telemedicine such as; Diabetic checks to prevent infection, ulceration and amputation. We recently saw a patient by telemedicine who’s foot hurt from a blister and discovered
there was an ulcer under the blister, had a telemedicine appointment not taken place, we may not have caught this in time from preventing further concerns.

We can provide instructions on toenail removal care,
instructions on how to tighten a night splint as well
as instructions and stretches to reduce pain from Plantar
Fasciitis as you start to get back into your spring running or out on the hiking trails again.

Whatever your specific needs may be, we want you to know we are here for you!

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