Skip the Hospital. Enjoy Local Podiatric Treatment Without the Hospital.

Podiatric Surgery Center in Tumwater

At Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, patients can have surgery without the hassle and worry of an ordinary hospital stay. We work with a same-day release back home in order to make their experience as comfortable for them as possible; surgeons offer high level care that is unmatched by any other clinic or surgical center across town!

Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates is a surgery center that offers services for broken bones, traumas to the feet or ankles as well as torn ligaments. We also have an exceptional location in Tumwater where they can perform all types of surgeries on your foot/ankle needs right there!

Our Surgery center is the way to go if you want personalized care. All of our doctors are also surgeons, which means that patients get a same doctor throughout their process and can relax knowing they’re being watched over by someone who understands what’s going on in real time.

Because there’s only ever one patient at any given moment while healing from foot or ankle procedures, staff members have plenty opportunity for close monitoring so every minute doesn’t slip by unnoticed – this makes all aspects much more consistent than hospital settings usually allow!

Staying at home and getting back on your feet is one of the best ways to recover from surgery, but it can be difficult without support. That’s where The Surgery Center comes in! We offer fast-paced care that doesn’t use general anesthesia so you don’t need pain medication afterwards like other patients do when they have their surgeries done elsewhere. Their Tumwater office provides physical therapy services for both pre-op or post op procedures which helps make sure we give our customers everything needed during recovery periods; whether before an operation takes place or after it has been completed successfully by ensuring there isn’t anything missing along this journey towards health and well being

The Surgery Center offers many benefits including: -Outpatient Surgeries (meaning no overnight stay required) – Fast Recovery Time.

Foot and Ankle Surgical Associates has a different approach to surgery. We consult with their patients before going through the process, looking into other methods of treatment if necessary so that one appointment can suffice for all conditions needed in regards to your feet! With advanced x-ray technology or trained professionals who know what they’re doing it’s no wonder this practice is trusted by many people living life comfortably again after visiting them today.

In order to get started with Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, talk to your primary care provider and health insurance carrier to get a referral. We accept most health insurance plans, including state-provided coverage. To learn more about their services and next steps, call today at 360.754.3338.

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