Keep your student athlete at the top of their game!

Keep your student athlete at the top of their game!

For many student athletes they are actively participating in sports throughout the school year without a break in between seasons. Often they push through their heel pain, ankle injury or other aches and pains until their next sport begins. It is all too common for these issues to be placed on the back burner behind practice, homework and family time. Neglecting issues can be extremely dangerous. Small issues can turn into major problems, hampering your ability to participate in your sport and even school work if they result in an injury that requires lengthy recovery time.

​One thing that too frequently gets neglected is basic health–a minor injury or nagging ailment can get filed away under “we can take care of it later.” Powering through pain is a common theme among driven student athletes.

Unfortunately, it’s also very dangerous. Small irritations can turn into major problems, hampering your ability to participate in a sport and even your class work if they lead to an injury that requires a long recovery. Injuries and chronic conditions can strike anyone, but especially the most active. Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, we take special care of student athletes and empower them to take care of themselves so that they remain active and competitive.

Whether your sport is football, baseball, cheerleading, wrestling, bowling or any other, injuries can happen, and the pressure and repetition of most of these activities can lead to chronic conditions. You want a podiatrist who understands athletes and is dedicated to getting them back on the field

Common injuries and ailments for student athletes:

  • Foot & ankle breaks or sprains
  • Ingrown Nail
  • Fungal Nails or trauma to the nail
  • Tendonitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints

Postponing your treatment can result in greater harm down the road, while being properly diagnosed and expertly treated can set you up for a lifetime of exercise, competition, and fun.

​If you or your child have suffered a foot injury or have been neglecting an ache or pain, please come in and see the dedicated staff at the Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates.  We have all the tools to keep your child in the game & enjoying the things that they love.

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