Introducing Dr. Dang!

Introducing Dr. Dang!

The Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates are so excited to introduce the newest member of our medical team, Dr. Huy Dang! Dr. Dang joined us full time in March 2018 and is currently accepting new patients.

We’ve already benefitted greatly from his talent and experience as a physician, and we hope you’ll get a chance to meet him soon! Read on to learn a little bit more about our new doctor.

Background and Education

For Dr. Dang, practicing medicine runs in the family.

He comes from a long line of doctors—including other family members who are podiatrists—so he understands the cornerstone importance of quality foot care. Even from an early age, he knew that practicing medicine was what he wanted to do!

Hailing from the great city of Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Huy chose to stay close to home for his podiatric education. He graduated from the William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, located in North Chicago, in 2004.

After earning his degree, he had the opportunity to move out to the Northwest for a three-year foot and ankle reconstructive surgery residency. Dr. Dang had the honor of serving as chief resident of his program for two years.

Three years, of course, was more than enough time to convince Dr. Dang to make the Northwest his full-time home. He’s been practicing in the region ever since.

Medical Specialties

​Dr. Dang provides comprehensive conservative and surgical foot and ankle care to patients of all ages. In particular, he specializes in:

—Wound care–

When ignored or improperly treated, chronic foot wounds can get worse and worse—until amputation is the only remaining option. For a podiatrist, helping patients keep their feet so they can live full lives is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job.

According to Dr. Dang, “every wound has a personality.” He always takes the time necessary to carefully evaluate your condition, then recommend a treatment plan to close the wound quickly and help the foot heal. Dr. Dang uses advanced techniques and tissue grafts in office to help you heal your wound and get your life back.


Foot pain is often associated with working adults and seniors. But many common foot problems first emerge in childhood, and are best fixed as early as possible. Because children’s feet are still growing and their bones remain flexible, effective pediatric foot care requires a different approach and mindset.

Dr. Dang is specially trained to treat most types of congenital clubfoot non-surgically, using casting and stretching techniques. He greatly enjoys talking and working with kids and helping them with issues such as flat feet, ingrown toenails, gait abnormalities, and more.

—Sports Medicine–

Athletic activity puts your feet and ankles under a lot of weight and pressure. Not surprisingly, injuries happen.

Dr. Dang is himself a runner and aspiring ironman triathlete, so he understands how devastating a sports injury can be—and how important it is to get the care you need in a timely fashion. Whether you’re a high-level athlete or a “weekend warrior,” Dr. Dang is 100% focused on getting you the care you need so you can get back to what you do.

Approach to Care

Dr. Dang is just as passionate about people as he is about medicine—a mindset that serves him well whether he’s meeting a patient for the first time or working with someone to manage a long-term problem.

He believes strongly in treating every person who walks into his exam room like a part of his family. Building relationships with patients not only improves the “experience” of coming to see the doctor, but actually helps Dr. Dang provide better medical advice more appropriate for his patients’ lifestyles, too.

Dr. Dang understands there’s no such thing as “cookie cutter” medicine—or at least there shouldn’t be! Every condition, every injury, and every person is unique. Keeping an open mind and asking lots of questions (and actually listening to what his patients say) is a critical part of Dr. Dang’s process.

While we all work our hardest to make each appointment a pleasant experience for all involved, we also understand that our patients have busy schedules and want to see meaningful progress. Dr. Dang believes that each appointment should accomplish something. That’s why he helps his patients set achievable goals along the way, and works hard to help you meet your goals with each visit.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Dr. Dang has a lot of interests—too many to list all in one place! One thing is for sure: he’s not a man who gets bored easily.

Sports and outdoor activities are a big passion. When he’s not in the office, you can often find Dr. Dang out on a run, hunting, fishing, diving, or at the nearest rock climbing wall. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a surgeon, he enjoys working with his hands, including fixing up cars.

Community service and humanitarian work is deeply important to Dr. Dang. He is looking forward to getting more involved with the local community, both on his own and as part of the Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Dang to our practice! To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dang or any other of our expert providers, please call (360) 754-3338 today.


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